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what is copy shop?

copy shop is a writing service for businesses big and small. Working with words, I help tell stories and build identities for brands, cultural events, charities, products, and services. From creating names and taglines to writing web copy, micro copy, brochures, tone of voice, and editing, it’s my job to make words work for you.

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words to write by. why good copy matters.

-  more than words

copy directly connects you to your audience. The way you write has the power to create a message that your customer can relate to. People want substance and authenticity, and it’s your voice, your story that’s going to create that.

- keep it simple
a modern mantra, less is definitely more. In a busy world, simplicity sounds intelligent, and confident. When you’re clear about what you do, your customers are too. Simple sells. It’s my job to simplify your message, to bring clarity to your business’s purpose and intention.

- clear and concise

it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, when you have so much to say, or are unsure about what to say at all. And, that’s a big part of my job, taking all that info or lack thereof and creating a compelling story that belongs to you.