no waffle, straight talking, in yer face, bold and bright, subtle and sophisticated, mellow and thoughtful, your words, your way. 

let’s break it down, polish it up and
finesse your message.  

only carefully selected words make the cut, because every word counts. 

all organic nothing artifical here. however if you’ve gone to the dark side (haha), i’m happy to cast my emotional, experienced, complex and wondrous human eye over ai output.

let’s face it, words are tricky. if yours need some attention, let’s talk and make words work for you. 

hello, I’m joanne and I work with designers, entrepreneurs, account managers, and small business owners on the word side of things. no job too big, no job too small. i’ve worked on lots of differnet projects from fashion to tech, and bring the words every time. 

would be great to work with you. 

happy to help.︎

please do drop me an email.

let’s go!